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LIT CITY: Dream Delivery Service at Reading Park 2022

Reading Park - Downtown Buffalo Public Library - Just Buffalo Literary Center

During May and June 2022, visiting poet Mathias Svalina ran his DREAM DELIVERY SERVICE throughout Buffalo, New York.

Each morning, Svalina rose early to bicycle around Buffalo, delivering unique dream poems to subscribers.

In addition to delivering dreams, Svalina took up a weekly residency in Buffalo’s Reading Park at the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library in downtown Buffalo, during which the public was invited to invent and write dreams with Svalina for the Reading Park’s landscape.

A selection of those dreams have now become a part of this interactive literary installation.

How to Read the 2022 Reading Park Dreams

  • Click on each image below and read its dream poem.
  • If you happen to be visiting the Reading Park, QR codes will be posted next to the dreams onsite, linking you directly to each poem.
  • Use the map to locate many of the poems in the Reading Park. (Each dream poem also has a map showing its location within the Reading Park.)
  • Several of the dream poems within this installation are either attached to things that were simply passing through the Reading Park, are no longer there, or are not pictured, so they are not located on the maps or linked to by QR codes at the Reading Park.
Map - Reading Park 2022 - Dream Delivery Service - Just Buffalo Literary Center
Dream Delivery Service Writing Dreams Together promo graphic

About Mathias Svalina & the Dream Delivery Service

During each morning of a residency, poet Mathias Svalina rises early to bicycle around a city delivering a unique dream poem for each subscriber. In addition to delivering dreams, Svalina also meets weekly with members of the community at a public space to invent and write dreams with him, which ultimately become part of a literary installation.

Our 2022 Sponsors

The 2022 DREAM DELIVERY SERVICE was made possible with support from the following organizations and businesses:

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