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Reading Park 2022 Mathias Svalina Dream Delivery Service


Another Dandelion’s Dream

written by Zanaya Hussain

Rejecting / Accepting / the Dandelions

What is it like
to be
Beautiful and Intentional?
We are sprouting across
yellow fuzz blades of grass.
We are few, but we are

I hear what the gardeners say about us,
Weeds Worries more Work
They don’t admire
Our Bright Yellow
Or find it surprising.
I know what it is like
to be
Bold and Invasive,
to be underappreciated.

At night when the sun sets,
And the Reading Park is cornered in twilight
I cast a spell to make
the Roses and Spiderplants around me
Ongoers won’t have anything to sniff or admire,
But us Dandelions.
This is not it’s

I want to be wished upon once more,
to be grasped in the hand of a curious child
who believes me to be a gorgeous flower.
I wish to be collected
To become the jewel in the flower crown.
But I am too wild.

Do I deserve affection, or must I be humble? Shall I concede
to the Roses and Spiderplants? Or instead demand the redefining of
Dandelions? Maybe my resilience will make us even more unlikable,
or maybe. We will be praised.