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Reading Park 2022 Mathias Svalina Dream Delivery Service


The Seagull’s Dream

written by Mathias Svalina

It is midnight & I am DJing a big dance party in the park. The park is packed with birds, all of them dancing, all of them having ecstatic, life-changing moments, waving their wings in the air, demonstrating just how much they just don’t care. I wear big chunky headphones & have long, luxurious, flowing blonde hair. As I spin records & turn the dials, every shift & tweak I make in the music, no matter how small, immediately registers in the crowd of dancing birds. I shift the bass a little deeper & their bodies dip & wheel. I add a touch of reverb & their beaks shiver. By playing the music I am playing the crowd of dancing birds. The thumping bass of the music, the whistle & shriek & croon, these are like grammars & syntaxes of the story I am telling. The mass of moving bodies, their physical expression & release, their embodied bliss, this is the instrument I play, this is my art.