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Bringing Buffalo Back: The Return of the Labor Movement by Liam Cobb

Liam Cobb
Presenting an excerpt of Bringing Buffalo Back: The Return of the Labor Movement written by 2022 JBWC Youth Fellow Liam Cobb.

Liam writes: “To anybody reading, I’d ask just one thing: that you read with an eye toward action. This project is in many ways about the past, about making sense of the events that have just transpired and about reckoning with the futures we lost long ago, but the past only matters if it affects the future. So I ask that as you read, always consider: “what can I do? what can we do?” I know the world can feel hopeless or meaningless – constantly drifting somewhere between indifferent and hostile – but I promise with a few friends and a little solidarity you can make a difference. The world gets a little less scary when you’re not alone, and we’re not alone so long as we have each other.”

MENTORS: Joe Hall & Derek Seidman
JBWC staff: Noah Falck and Robin Jordan

Design Support: Eden Lowinger

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