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A Recipe For Horror


Everyone writes the title of horror movie that doesn’t exist.

You’ll Need Your Rubber Gloves

In 1922, on a lonely hike to a waterfall, William Kobialski encountered a carefully woven basket. In a flash of black, the raven carrying it urgently flew off as if it were a man running away after lighting on old-fashioned bomb. Inside the basket were two blood-red rubber gloves and an orange bowtie. As he touched the basket, the clothing rapidly flew onto him, nearly cutting off the circulation in his hands and strangling him at the neck. His blood pressure dropped and he blacked out. Azazel spoke to him. Not in words. In feelings, in fires in the skins of tortured, sin-laden goats.

He saw the skin of the goat change and coalesce, eventually into a human form–his own form. He felt his skin, and it felt soft–too soft. It stuck to his glove, to his hand, to his entire body. He wished so badly for it to be gone–and it was gone. Everything but the gloves, the bowtie, and his own senses.

He awoke in a cold sweat but the sweat slowly fell down into nothingness, until it landed on a single rubber glove. The only remnant of his past body was a smell that was just a little too chocolaty, just a little too sweet, just a little too much of a good smell–until it grew to be absolutely unbearable, and the bow tie and gloves were bloody instead of blood-red, and the bowtie was fire instead of just a hellish, deep orange. But by that time, I doubt one would notice…

Written by Theo


Costume closet

-Can use the horror title you got as inspiration.

-Create a character by getting into their costume using the costume closet. This character will end up being in a scary story you are going write. They could be the person/thing to be feared in your story, or they could be someone who encounters the person to be feared.

All the Brains Were Kept in the Attic

Ms. Louis kept 10 brains in her attic. Each brain represented something:

1 – when she was younger, her favorite memory

2 – when she had her worst dream

3 – when she got in trouble in school

4 – when she turned a certain age

5 – her first day of high school

6 – her first day of college

7 – when she began to be an adult

8 – when her old black cat died

9 – brain

10 – when she had a funny nightmare

All of the brains had glitter and pink and black diamonds on them. Ms. Louis was very old and miserable. She didn’t like nobody. She wanted everyone to leave her alone. She was 87 years old. She had 2 grandchildren. They were 10 and 7. The boy’s name was Alex, and Max, Max is the girl.

When Ms. Louis was 15 she broke her leg and left arm at the gym. Ms. Louis always drunk hot lemonade water with little tea bag particles in there that sunk to the bottom of the water. She always ate cough drops and she didn’t have any teeth. Ms. Louis had this weird creek on her floor and when you walked in it it sounded as if you was gonna fall inside the floor. She lived inside that house for about her whole life. She never had lived in another house her whole life. There was a girl standing in the corner of her house with devil ears on. She slowly turned each time someone looked at her.

Written by India


We are going to write a scary story, poem, comic, scene from a play. As you write, I will have you pause and weave in certain elements with help from your fellow writers.

Mortuary in Space

All you see are rows of heads with their bloody eyes pierced. She observed her pets, cooing over the new trophies. Gripped in her hand is a single, flower-printed spear. Help…is heard from a distance. She takes a sip from her mug and a smirk creeps on her face. She’s found her next victim.

A man crawls out from under the newly destroyed spaceship. He screams for help and silence answers. Thud! Thud! Thud! Afraid of the sound, he drags himself in the opposite direction. The thought of being followed scared him.

The man found an old, broken down cottage and knocked on the door. The door fell apart as he somewhat expected, and whiff of dirty coffee filled the air. Entering the dusty house, he right away noticed a picture of a girl holding a cup of coffee. He recognized her as the first person to ever invent coffee but that was centuries ago. The girl had disappeared on a quest for a new coffee flavor

Thud! Ignoring the sound, he now comes across the door. He puts his ear against another door. Drip…Drip…Drip…Afraid yet curious*, he reaches for the doorknob, nervously twisting it open. Creak….There stood still a firm and tall body dressed in a white lab coat with a short haircut, staring right into his eyes.

What do you want? he asks.

YOU! she screams.

In a blink of an eye, blood drops down her hands. The man lays there lifelessly. She licks the blood and gives a giggle. Sweet.

*Note: How all people die in scary movies.

Written by Bushraa