Our Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

As a precaution to help limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and care for our community, Just Buffalo Literary Center has postponed a number of events, and we will follow the guidance of Buffalo Public Schools in terms of Just Buffalo Writing Center programming.

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Writing Like A Minimalist

Taught by: Jake Reber, poet

Just Buffalo Writing Center
468 Washington Street @ Mohawk, 2nd Floor
Buffalo, NY 14203
Dates:July 11 & July 13, 2017
Time: 4:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m.

“Writing Like A Minimalist”

This workshop pushes students to limit their writing through compression and brevity. While many short poems may seem simple, they can use this constraint to add layers of complexity, ambiguity, and play that is hard to emphasize/examine in longer texts.

This workshop is FREE, aimed at young students aged 12–18, and limited to 12 participants.