Peach Mag Launch Reading Timelines: 1b: Past Events (Unseen Archive), 4: Rachelle Toarmino Workshops & Events, 4: Robin Lee Jordan Workshops & Events

Peach Mag

Sugar City
1239 Niagara Street
Buffalo, NY 14213
Date: August 18, 2016
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Peach Mag is a new online literary magazine that is launching mid-August. We’re celebrating with readings by touring Metatron authors Greg Zorko and Frankie Barnet, and local writers Pat Kewley, Robin Jordan, and Alana Kelley.

Peach Mag is curated by Rachelle Toarmino, Matthew Bookin, and Bre Kiblin. They will publish new content on their website every Tuesday and Friday, and focus on bringing together the myriad groups of writers in Buffalo, while putting Buffalo on the map as a host for experimental writing within the greater American literary scene.

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Greg Zorko was born in 1990 in upstate NY. He is the author of Ghost in the Club (Metatron Press). He currently lives in Madison, WI where he writes things and goes to school.

Frankie Barnet is the author of An Indoor Kind of Girl (Metatron Press). Her work has appeared in publications such as Joyland, Lemonhound and Papirmasse. She is a graduate of the Creative Writing program at Concordia University, and as of Fall 2016, will pursue her MFA at Syracuse University.

Pat Kewley has published humor and nonfiction in Slate, Salon, Paste, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and Cage Match. His book “Notable Failures In Buffalo History” is one of the top selling failure-oriented local history books in the North Buffalo region.

Robin Lee Jordan’s creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry have been published The Buffalo News, alice blue review, H_NGM_N, Puerto del Sol, and Paper Darts. Robin is the coordinator of Just Buffalo Writing Center, a free, creative writing center for teens. She also runs the community art project (B)uffalo (A)rt (D)ispensary, a coin-operated, mini-art exchange that repurposes toy vending machines.

Alana Kelley is a visual artist and poet currently living in Buffalo, NY. Her past works have dealt with interdisciplinary poetics, combining found texts with modern poetic practices in order to create new contemporary writing forms. She is currently experimenting with digital and biological poetics with a focus on contemporary romanticisms.