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Night Lights Festival


Robin Lee Jordan | Gracie Newman | Alana Kelley |
Aaron Lowinger | Janna Willoughby-Lohr

Night Lights Festival
2361 Wait Corners Road Sherman, NY 14781
Sherman, NY 14871
Date: August 27, 2016
Time: 12:30 — 1:30 p.m.
Night Lights Music Festival is held in the Town of Sherman, in Chautauqua County in Southwestern New York State. Located less than 70 miles from Buffalo and only about 120 miles from Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Rochester and Toronto. We are within a nine hour drive of Boston to the East, Chicago to the West and Charlotte to the South.

The three night event takes place at The Heron, a breathtakingly beautiful private property that contains 200 acres, mostly woodlands and hiking trails, but also pastures with farmland vistas, a seven acre pond perfect for swimming, farm animals, a mushroom yard and vegetable gardens. We like to think of the Heron grounds as one of the headlining acts of the weekend and hope you will be enriched & entertained by the natural beauty the land has to offer.

This year Just Buffalo Literary Center will host a set of spoken word and poetry featuring Robin Lee Jordan, Gracie Newman, Alana Kelley, Aaron Lowinger, & Janna Willoughby-Lohr.


robin hula hoop
Robin Lee Jordan is a writer and teacher living in Buffalo, NY. Her most recent publications include alice blue review, H_NGM_N, Puerto del Sol, and Paper Darts. She is the coordinator of the Just Buffalo Writing Center, a creative writing center for teens, and founder of the (B)uffalo (A)rt (D)ispensary, a coin-operated, mini-art exchange that repurposes toy vending machines.









Alana Kelley is a visual artist and poet currently living in Buffalo, NY. She experiments with interdisciplinary poetics, often combining modern poetic styles with contemporary subject matter to produce alt writing forms. She is currently experimenting with digital and biological poetics, working with a new formed romanticism and the relationship between the body and it’s environments.









Aaron Lowinger is a Buffalo writer, journalist, and social worker. In 2014 he co-founded The Public, a news and arts weekly paper in the Buffalo-Niagara region.






Gracie Newman



Gracie is a senior at Nichols School in Buffalo. She a youth intern at Just Buffalo Literary Center. She is head of her school’s Creative Writing Club and enjoys writing both short fiction and poetry. She agrees with E.E. Cummings that “the world is puddle wonderful.”





Janna Willoughby-Lohr was awarded the “Best Spoken Word Artist” title in the Artvoice Best of Buffalo Awards 2010. Since graduating from Warren Wilson College, she has been performing poetry and music. She was a Grand Slam finalist in 2005-2008 for the Nickel City Poetry Slam, and a member of the 2006 Nickel City Slam team at the National Poetry Slam. She performs with her band, The BloodThirsty Vegans, “a lively mix of energetic hiphop, rock, funk, Ska, and blues, topped off with socially-conscious, positive lyrics.” She has read her poetry at Impact Gallery (new/reN.E.W. series), Artpark (Buffalo Society of Artists International Poetry Reading), Wordflight Series, Poetry at the Woodlawn Diner, Infringement Festival, in the Burchfield-Penney Sunday Reading Series, and other.