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Peach Mag x Foundlings s03e02

1251 Hertel Ave
Buffalo, New York 14216
Date: November 28, 2018
Time: 7:00 p.m.

Peach Mag and Foundlings Press present a mod-themed winter masquerade at MIMO DECOR. Come for comedians, local and visiting poets, a guest artist, tasty tunes, libations and amuse-bouches, and a photo station featuring MIMO’s mid-century modern furniture and decor. Then join us for an afterparty at Més Que, and try our specially commissioned cocktail.

Free and open to the public; all ages welcome; cocktail attire encouraged.

Ally Young (Montclair)
Carly Weiser (Buffalo)
Chet Weise (Nashville)
Eden Lowinger (Buffalo)
Sennah Yee (Toronto)

Deanna Arthur (D. Arthur)
Pat Kewley

featured artist:
Julian Montague


Ally Young is an MFA candidate at Syracuse University and an Editor in Chief at Salt Hill Journal. Her work has appeared or is scheduled to appear in The Bennington Review, Cosmonauts Avenue, Metatron, Bone Bouquet, and elsewhere. Her chapbook The West and Other Mistakes is available via Dancing Girl Press. She lives primarily on her bicycle and online here:

Carly Weiser‘s poems have been published in Maudlin House, Lady Literary Magazine, Vending Machine Press, and Mixtape Methodology. Follow her on Instagram at @cult_carly.

Chet Weise’s poetry and fiction have appeared or been anthologized in publications such as Copper Nickel, Birmingham Poetry Review, Poems & Plays, and the Rough Trade 40th Anniversary Journal. A musician, too, Weise toured and recorded with groups The Quadrajets and the Immortal Lee County Killers. He was banned from Canada during 2008. Currently, Weise lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is the editor for Third Man Books.

D. Arthur is a Buffalo-based comedian and fiction/humor writer who is obsessed with astrology, celebrity conspiracy theories, and her dog. Her work can be found in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Belladonna Comedy, Electric Literature & more. She is most fun in person, but you can find her on twitter @babydmarie if you need a quick hit.

Eden Lowinger is a 17-year-old writer and jellyfish enthusiast at the Just Buffalo Writing Center. She enjoys thinking about the intersection of nature and surrealism in addition to writing about human relationships. Eden also enjoys reading aloud to just about anyone who will listen.

Julian Montague is a Buffalo, N.Y.-based artist, graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer. He employs his design, illustration, and photography skills in a series of art projects that explore the peripheral features of the domestic and urban environment. He is best known for a project in which he developed a system of classification for stray shopping carts. His book, The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America: A Guide to Field Identification, was published in 2006 by Abrams Books. His work has also received attention from Artnews, Art in America, Frieze, New York Magazine, The New York Times, The Toronto Star, the BBC World Service, and many others. He has pieces in the collections of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Martin Z. Margulies, the Norton Museum of Art and the Progressive Insurance Company, as well as numerous private collections.

Pat Kewley has published humor and nonfiction in Slate, Salon, Paste, McSweeney’s, and Cage Match. He is the author of Notable Failures In Buffalo History, Day of the Dicks, and How to Explore the North Pole.

Sennah Yee is from Toronto, Canada, where she writes poetry, writes about films, and writes poetry about films. She’s the author of the poetry/non-fiction collection HOW DO I LOOK? (Metatron Press, 2017). Her MA thesis in Cinema & Media Studies focused on gendered robot design in media and technology. She’s currently the Arts Editor at Shameless, a magazine for young women and trans youth. Though named after a racecar driver, she has yet to get behind the wheel. Find her at: