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Rotten Kid by Ben Brindise

The Gypsy Parlor
376 Grant Street
Buffalo, New York 14213
Date: March 12, 2017
Time: 5:00 p.m.

Rotten Kid is Benjamin Brindise’s first chapbook of poetry and fiction. The chapbook, including six poems and two short stories, is being published by Ghost City Press out of Syracuse, New York. The protaganist in each work, while different (ages spanning from 3rd grade to 158 years old), falls into the archtype of the Rotten Kid.

The evenings readers will include:
Justin Karcher | Aidan Ryan | Mega Del Rey | Ten Thousand | Eve Williams Wilson |Tom Dreitlein

Back Cover Blurb:
“There was a kid sitting in the back row of every homeroom you were ever in. Maybe they didn’t talk much, always had their face in a book, never raised their hand, didn’t go to the school dance. They’re the kid with the bad acne, the scar on their chin, the story they never told stuck firmly on their tongues. Every once in a while one of those kids opens their mouths. When they do we get the thoughts of those we never really thought about.”

note: The book will be released prior to the Pure Ink Poetry Open Mic!