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2015 marks Just Buffalo's 40th anniversary. JB40 is both a celebration of the past and a bridge to the future.

Here's how your donation to this special anniversary campaign will help:

  • Fully develop the Just Buffalo Writing Center.
    Opened April 2014, the Writing Center is creating a community of writers—young, emerging and accomplished—who learn from each other and advance in their practice. Workshops and one-on-one assistance is provided to students at no cost. Attendance is growing and we need your help to expand services to youth in the Center, in schools and in community centers.
  • Expand audience and participation through strategic marketing.
    Through videos, an interactive timeline, expanded public relations and advertising, the community will see afresh its own stellar literary history and legacy and share in its celebration. We will highlight the many opportunities for participation in Just Buffalo and other community programs for readers and writers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.
  • Fund a strategic reserve.
    A strong financial foundation is a critical factor in any organization’s ability to thrive.

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JB40: 40 Stories

With the help of many talented writers, avid readers, trusted advisors and generous friends over the course of four decades, Just Buffalo has emerged as one of the nation’s most active and important cultural centers. The JB40 fundraising campaign provides a solid financial base for growth, innovation and sustainability for the next generation of literary arts services in Western New York.

Your support of this campaign will strengthen literary programming and fund new projects designed to fulfill our mission as we enter an era of even greater service. We know the power of poetry and literature to transform lives. With your help, Just Buffalo will continue to create and strengthen communities through the literary arts for many years to come.

In the first year of this campaign, we’ve already reached 58% of our goal. Give a gift online today in support of this special anniversary campaign.

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